3 Things You Need to Know About Self-Publishing
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3 Things you need to know about selfpublishing

3 Things You Need to Know About Self-Publishing

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What you need to know about self-publishing?

Traditional publishing industry is starting to fade away as self-publishing continues to strengthen its position, becoming a reliable and credible industry. Even so, a large number of aspiring writers still struggle to get on board as there is a certain mystique revolving around writing the first book. Many feel pressured if the first book is anything less than amazing, it is going to be a massive failure.

On the contrary, taking a plunge is the best way to get started. Writing the first one could be tedious, challenging and at times miserable, but it only gets better. And to help you ease into the process, we have listed essential things you need to know about self-publishing.

#1 There is no right length

Gone are the days when length mattered. Today even a 40-pager can become a bestseller. So, stop fretting about how long the book should be even before you pen down your first words. For example, Kindle Singles/e-shorts is a great place to start.  You can showcase your writing to the readers, without worrying about the extensive time commitment of a lengthy book. It also helps you build your brand as an author, making your name recognizable when you publish your other work.

#2 It is way more viable commercially

Self-publishers account for approximately 50% of total print book sales in the US. And there is a good reason for it. As an author self-publishing is most profitable, you get 100% compensation, the payment is faster and distribution seamless. You are in total control of your book and you decide the shelf-life. Unlike traditional publishing, who would stop printing and distributing when the sales start to decline, with self-publishing you can continue to market as well as print as long as you see fit.

#3 Start with publishing on Kindle

Kindle holds the lion’s share. And it is much easier to publish on Kindle. Do not worry about launching your book in every format. Start with kindle and that’s enough, they have the maximum eBook readership.  Once you gain traction you can eventually move to paperbacks and audiobooks.

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