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how BUUKS can help First-time authors

How BUUKS Helps First-time Authors to Publish a Book?

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Times have changed. First-time authors no longer have to rely on a publishing house to approve their manuscripts and help publish the book. Self-publishing is a great option for new authors and can help you craft your success with all the finesse you desire. Some benefits of self-publishing include getting your book to the market in the shortest possible time, exercising creative control over the entire process, and earning better royalties.

A professional self-publishing company such as BUUKS can help First-time authors to streamline the process with ease while ensuring you retain control throughout. Here’s how:

See Your Book in Print Faster

Unlike traditional publishing houses, BUUKS will not make you wait for months or years to see the fruits of your labor in published format. You can actually think in terms of the number of days and weeks it will take to see your book published. With a more or less definite date in hand, you can start creating a buzz around the release of the book alongside the self-publishing process.

Easy Transitions

BUUKS offers you conversion services to help convert your manuscript into various formats when necessary. For instance, if you’ve handwritten it, then the DTP conversion service makes it easy to turn it into an MS Word document. Similarly, when the manuscript needs to be scanned or printed, you can leave it to BUUKS.

Keep Up With the Times

The popularity of digital media and e-books has soared through the roof. BUUKS can help you publish your debut book in the form of an e-book too. By bringing out affordable, professional, and well-formatted e-books, you will enhance your chances of achieving success. The e-books thus created will be distributed across major e-book retailers such as iBooks, Amazon KDP, Kobo, and the like.

Reach an International Audience

Given the excellent credentials of BUUKS in servicing the international market, your book will reach a much wider audience than you could hope to with a smaller, less experienced self-publishing company. Print books will be offered on sale across e-commerce platforms in India such as Flipkart and Amazon besides the sales section. Amazon distribution extends to numerous countries such as the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Brazil, and Germany, to name a few. Besides this, over 39,000 retailers will get access to print and fulfill customer orders ensuring a global presence.

Professional Editing

An error-free book that has been edited by an experienced hand can impress readers and lead to your success as an author. The plot needs to flow smoothly while the language must be genre-appropriate. The knowledgeable editorial team at BUUKS can help you iron out these issues and make your manuscript ready for printing.

Eye-catching Book Designs

While a good book cover design will draw readers to check out your book, equally great interior design can help hook your audience. With BUUKS, you get the benefit of both these areas of expertise. With a team of specialists on hand, customizable options are also available.

Experience Matters

While there are bound to be quite a few self-publishing organizations around with great deals on self-publishing, a closer look might reveal that they lack the necessary experience in the segment. BUUKS has been in the self-publishing industry for over a dozen years now and has helped about 500,000 authors realize their dreams. With a qualified team of learned professionals to take on the different segments of the process such as editing and marketing, BUUKS leaves the rest far behind.

With You From Start to Finish

Being an experienced and reputed name in the self-publishing segment, BUUKS offers end-to-end publishing services. This means that you do not have to be involved with the daily tasks, yet can retain complete control of the publishing process. You will get the final say in determining how your published book will look like as well as the contents it will include. In addition, a choice of packages ensures that you’ll quite easily find something to suit your specific requirements.

Obtain and Retain Copyright of Your Book

When you choose to self-publish with BUUKS, you will be guided in the process of copyrighting your book. You will also retain the full copyright to your book. This means that you will be able to make edits to your book whenever you wish and also take a call on how and when to publish it or reprint and so on. You can also make hassle-free changes to title, subtitle, and MRP if required.

Maximize Earnings

When you choose to publish with BUUKS, you are assured of the maximum possible royalty – 100 percent – on the sale of each copy of your book!

BUUKS, the world’s trusted self-publishing partner, is brought to you by the same team with stellar credentials that has serviced Indian and international authors for over a decade. With our end-to-end publishing services, we cater to a diverse client base. To publish your book with BUUKS, contact us at or talk to our publishing expert at 044-4992-1727. If you’re looking to publish your Book – Self Publish Today

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