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Authors make more money for each self-published book they sell versus traditionally published books. Effective marketing can lead to higher profits overall.
Make More Money Self-Publishing Nonfiction Books
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Can You Make Money Self-Publishing Nonfiction

Can You Make Money Self-Publishing Nonfiction?

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Self-publishing fiction is fairly common. What about the people who write nonfiction though? Is this a viable option for making money in a field where traditional nonfiction, such as textbooks, usually require grants, funding and peer reviews? The short answer is yes. Here’s how.

Publish a High-Quality Book

Some authors choose not to invest in an amazing book cover, proper typesetting or even professional editing. While the book may provide invaluable information, you will have a hard time selling readers on this. In contrast, a high-quality book blends in with its traditional competitors and gets noticed. Forbes recommends getting a great designer to create a cover that reflects your brand and your message.

Build a Marketing Machine

Marketing is how successful authors build a loyal fanbase. Many authors try to go the traditional route to avoid marketing their own books, but traditional publishing houses typically only back one or two big headliners per year. So you will likely need to market your book heavily on your own anyway. If this is the case, would it not be better to retain all your royalties, more of your profits and all your creative freedom by self-publishing while doing so?

Forbes asserts that authors make more money per self-published book because of these factors. Additionally, if a traditional publisher later wants the rights to your books, you are now in a better place to negotiate a more favorable book deal for yourself. Need a self-publishing partner? Check out our services at BUUKS.

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