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Claim the Freedom of Indie Authorship - Be as different as you want to be and enjoy the freedom of indie publishing. Without the constraints of a publisher, you can write whatever and however you want.
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Claim the Freedom of Indie Authorship

Claim the Freedom of Indie Authorship

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For many authors, a contract with a mainstream publisher is the ultimate career goal. It is increasingly common, though, that authors are shunning this option in favor of the freedom that can only be afforded by independent publishing. If you want to be different and write outside the lines, indie publishing is likely one of the best options to consider.

Write What You Want

You can publish any type of content easily as an indie author. Almost any kind of content has an audience, but mainstream publishers aren’t necessarily willing to take risks. When you’re writing independently, you can compose content that’s as niche as you need it to be and never worry about whether you’ll be able to get it published.

Support Without Selling Out

Being indie doesn’t mean you can’t have access to the resources and support your need as a writer. Working with an e-publisher can connect you with editing services, marketing assistance, designs, and everything else you need to reach the audience for your book.

Reach out to BUUKS for more information on how you can unleash your creativity and publish your work on your terms without the confines of a traditional publisher.

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