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Connecting With a Writing Community Is Important - Keep your writing going strong with a community. Join an online author forum or create a local group to break through your writer’s block. Essential Facts About a Writing Community
Essential Facts About a Writing Community
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Connecting With a Writing Community Is Important

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There’s nothing worse than writer’s block due to isolation. Whether you’re a writer struggling to meet your deadlines or a publisher looking for resources for your writers, consider seeking out a solid, supportive writing community.

Connecting in Person

For help invigorating your writing and breaking through your writer’s block, look for opportunities to connect with others in your field. You may try meeting face to face. Join a book club, talk to a neighbor or create a small community of writers, editors and publishers in your local neighborhood.

Connecting Online

Perhaps the easiest way to connect with fellow writers is to converse online. There are a variety of places you can meet others in your field:

  • Social media channels
  • Personal or professional blogs
  • Dedicated author forums

These digital solutions provide you with a flexible way to meet up with other writers and spark your creativity. However, you first need to find the right online community.

Learn More

Don’t wait for a local club to start to get the assistance and encouragement you need. If you’re an author who needs inspiration and community, visit the BUUKS author forum today and discuss your current thoughts, feelings and struggles. Whether you want to start your own forum thread or discuss a particular aspect of life as an author, you get to express your feelings to fellow-minded authors and professionals. If you’re looking to publish your Book – Self Publish Today

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