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1. What is BUUKS?

BUUKS is a self-publishing company that simplifies the author’s journey by providing an easy to use publishing platform. Headquartered at Chennai, we help authors publish, print, distribute and sell their books globally and offer 100% royalty.

2. Why should I pay to publish my book?

While the author creates the manuscript, there are a host of other things that need to be done to get a book market-ready. For example, an author who only has the manuscript ready will require services such as cover designing, typesetting, eBook creation, print and distribution services to successfully sell his/her eBook & print. If you chose BUUKS, you need to pay only for the services that you choose to buy.

3. How is the royalty calculated?

You can use our Royalty Calculator here to determine how much royalty you’ll make on successful sale of a printed book in India. We will be able to provide you with a detailed working of the royalty calculation, when you choose to publish with us.

4. Difference between self and traditional publishing?

In traditional publishing, the publisher will hold copyrights for your work, pay a royalty up to 15% on an annual basis and will take about 1 to 2 years to publish your book.


In Self-Publishing, you will hold 100% copyrights for your work, earn 100% net royalties on a monthly basis and can publish your book in less than a month or two.

5. How much time does it takes to publish my book?

Your book will be published in about a month or two, based on the services/package that you choose.

6. What’s the best choice for the sales of the book when it comes to hardcover versus paperback and color versus b/w?

Choosing the paperback version of the book is highly recommended, and the black-and-white version is best to keep production costs to a minimum.

7. Who owns the copyrights of my book?

You will own 100% rights of your work and a certificate will be issued by the Registrar of India, Copyrights Registration Department if you choose to buy Copyrights service.

8. How many copies of my book will you print? Do I have to invest in printing?

At BUUKS, we work on a Print-On-Demand model where we print books based on customer demand. You don’t have to pay for printing up-front as printing charges will be deducted only after a sale is complete. Based on the package that you choose, you will get a fixed number of free copies.

9. How many copies of my books will be sold?

The sale of a book is completely dependent on the merit of the content and effective marketing.

10. Who decides the price of the book?

Authors have the complete authority in pricing their book. Few things to consider before pricing your book will be:

  • Your target audience’s affordability
  • Printing & Distribution Cost
  • Price of other books in the same genre and category

The project manager will guide you in setting the right MRP for your book based on the final number of pages, print size, and book type (paperback vs. hardcover, black and white vs. color print). This will help your book to be priced competitively in the market.

11. How will I get the return on investment?

Self-publishing is not a business that has a fixed timeline for ROI and it works differently for every author. Few authors take months and few authors take years to meet their ROI. Despite all that, we will support our authors by offering marketing services to drive the sales of your book.

12. What is the difference between distribution and marketing?

Marketing means creating awareness, visibility and publicity for your book and Distribution means making your books available on leading eBook and Print book selling platforms for your readers to buy.

13. Will I be able to see a sample before the book goes for print?

You will receive the Print Ready Files of your book, before your book goes for print. Only on your approval, the files will be sent for Printing. This way we can avoid errors in the book and produce the book the way you desire it.

14. Can we publish eBooks in Indian regional languages via Amazon KDP?

Yes, You can publish eBooks on Kindle devices and apps in Hindi (हिंदी), Tamil(தமிழ்) , Malayalam (മലയാളം), Marathi (मराठी), and Gujarati (ગુજારી). Contact us to know more about our conversion and publishing services.

15. How will I be able to track the sales of my book?

We have an author dashboard that keeps you updated about your royalty history. This dashboard can help you track everything related to your book’s distribution in India on online distribution channels like Amazon and Flipkart.

16. Do your self-publishing packages provide provision for book marketing also?

Apart from publishing, we also provide book marketing and distribution services. BUUKS has a highly competent team to help your book get maximum reach with the right audience. All you need to do is choose the publishing package that also covers book marketing. We adopt various marketing strategies like KDP Select Free Promotion and marketing through Amazon sponsored ads, social media ads, and Quora ads.

17. Are KDP eBooks available in the United Arab Emirates and other Southeast Asian countries?

No, KDP eBooks and print books are available only in the United States (, Canada (, the United Kingdom (, Germany (, France (, Italy (, Spain (, and Japan ( KDP doesn’t support eBook content as well as paperback distribution in other countries.

18. Does BUUKS also provide services for eBook creation along with the paperback version?

Yes, BUUKS also provides a digital version of the printed book, depending on the type of publishing package chosen. With our efficient team of publishing experts, we can help you create professional, well-formatted, and affordable. To know more, contact us at

19. What is self-publishing?

Self-publishing is a book-publishing method in which an author invests in his own book to publish it. The author owns the copyrights to his book and, hence, has higher control over the royalty. The responsibility of creating the book, distributing it, and marketing it usually falls on the author’s shoulders itself. An author usually works with many people at every step in this whole process. BUUKS provides sensible publishing solutions, guidance, and support to help you do this successfully.

20. After I choose the package, will someone proofread my manuscript to check for errors?

Proofreading is not a part of publishing packages. The author needs to opt-in for editing and proofreading separately to get his/her book copyedited/proofread.

21. How much time does it take to bring the book into the market?

For a manuscript that doesn’t require editing, we take 20–25 days. For a manuscript that needs editing, we take 40–45 days. Yet the timeline is subject to the complexity level of the manuscript, and the author’s turnaround time.

22. In what format do you require the book files from the author?

MS Word. If it has images, the author has to provide the same with quality of at least 300 dpi.

23. What is the minimum number of pages required to form a book?

For center-pinned books: 20–60 pages; for paperbacks: 60–800 pages; for hardbound books: 100–900 pages.

24. What are the royalty schemes available in e-book distribution through Amazon

For e-books, there are two royalty options: 35 percent and 70 percent. For the 70 percent royalty option, the e-book should be exclusively available only in KDP and should be enrolled for KDP select.

25. What is an ISBN? Will you provide me with an ISBN alone?

ISBN stands for international standard book number. An ISBN will be provided only as a part of the package.

26. Will I get to see a draft of the book before it goes for print?

At every stage of the book creation process, an updated version of the book will be shared with the author for approval.

27. How many formats of my books will be available?

According to the chosen package, it can be either paperback, hardbound, eBook, or all three together.

28. How do you set the MRP of my book? / How do you set the MRP for International distribution?

It is based on multiple factors like the final number of pages, print size, and choice of book format (paperback, interior color of the book).


For Indian distribution, please click the link to calculate the book’s royalty. For international distribution, the project manager will guide the author to choose the best MRP.

29. When you distribute on, will my book be available as an eBook or a print book? supports both eBook and print book versions; we will upload the files for print book and eBook separately based on the author’s choice.

30. What are copyrighted images? / Where can I find good images to create my own cover design?

Photographs, illustrations, and other images will generally be protected by copyright as artistic works. This means that a user will usually need the permission of the copyright owner(s) if they want to perform certain acts, such as copying the image or using the image for a project/book or sharing it on the internet.


BUUKS has a premium subscription on most of the leading stock image websites, and we can help you to grab the right and best-suited images for your book cover and interiors.

31. How is author’s royalty calculated in KDP and Ingram?

Royalty in KDP (E-book): If you select the 35 percent royalty option, your royalty will be 35 percent of your list price without VAT for each unit sold.

If you select the 70 percent royalty option, your royalty will be 70 percent of your list price without VAT; there will be fewer delivery costs (average delivery costs are $0.06 per unit sold and vary by file size) for each eligible book sold to customers in the 70 percent territories and 35 percent of the list price for each unit sold to customers residing outside the 70 percent territories.

Royalty (International print book): KDP offers a fixed 60 percent royalty rate on paperbacks sold on Amazon marketplaces where KDP supports paperback distribution. Your royalty is 60 percent of your list price. We then subtract printing costs, which depend on the page count, ink type, and the Amazon marketplace your paperback was ordered from. Learn how printing costs are calculated.

(Royalty rate × List price) − Printing costs = Royalty

For example, suppose your list price is $15. Your book is a 333-page paperback with black ink sold in the US marketplace; your royalty will therefore be calculated as follows: (0.60 × $15) − $4.85 = $4.15

32. How long will it take for me to receive the copyright? Is copyright for an eBook and an internationally distributed book necessary?

The registration process starts after the book has been printed, as three printed copies have to be sent to the registration office as part of the process. Within a month of registering, a diary number will be sent to you as an acknowledgment. You will receive the actual document in four to six months. Yes, the copyright is valid worldwide.

33. Will my content be safe if I apply for copyright after the book is published?

Yes, your content will be safe, as the contents of the book will not be revealed to anyone during the process.

34. Do I have to renew the agreement every year?

Your publishing agreement is valid for a lifetime; you don’t have to renew it every year.

35. How many books will you print in your publishing packages?

One package is for one book only, as it contains all the services required to publish that one book only.

36. What is the printing cost for my book?

The printing cost of your book will depend on the following: (1) The number of pages; (2) Book format; (3) Book size; and (4) Book type. Moreover, the exact printing cost can be estimated only after the formatting is complete, as the exact number of pages can be known only after it.

37. Will the production cost reduce if we print on a lower GSM paper?

We use standard high-quality paper to print all our books because we don’t compromise on product quality. If you want to reduce the production cost, you can opt for offset printing instead.


Have more questions? Please write to us at to get them answered.