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Break the rules and stop chasing agents

You are ready with your story – a work of fiction, done pitching your novel to agents and now you are waiting for approval and wondering who will publish it. Do you know that indie fiction authors are breaking their way out of conventional publishing constrictions and taking a radical approach to writing and publishing? Perhaps, you can also end the wait and self-publish it.

Let us help you realize your dream

Self-publishing a novel is a journey and we provide comprehensive support at every step of the way. As a fast growing self-publishing company, BUUKS offers end-to-end publishing services tailored to meet your individual requirements.

From language editing, formatting, selecting paper quality to finalizing the cover design we offer a whole gamut of options to help you print and publish exactly the book you want while ensuring it is market-ready and viable. We help you find and define your voice within your space and forge a deeper connection with readers.

We offer customized packages so that you can choose how to publish. Our services include language editing, book design, eBooks, conversion, distribution, and other associated services. Our editorial team is proficient in every popular copyediting style prevalent in the publishing industry. All you need to do is sit back and relax as we work on turning your novel into beautiful paperback.

We understand that writing a novel is as demanding a task as it can be. You have done the hard work, now let us handle the publishing for you and turn your dream into reality. Talk to us to find out the style and binding fit for your novel and how you can publish and distribute your eBook and printed book across world’s biggest platforms and bookstores.

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