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BUUKS publishes scholarly works - research papers, project reports, PhD thesis, dissertations, and journals. We provide Research Publishing, Thesis Publishing, Journal Publishing services in India.
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Having come out with a scholarly work/thesis, are you wondering how to disseminate it to your peers and researchers effectively? Publishing your research and thesis would give you worldwide visibility and lend you a global platform for your research to be discovered.

BUUKS offers tailor-made services for publishing scholarly works that includes publishing research papers, project reports, thesis, dissertations, conference proceedings, and journals.

We can help you in making your dissertation market ready by working on its language, formatting, and design to make it more commercially viable. An important aspect of any piece of writing is not only coming out with good content but also concentrating on how it is delivered effectively, to forge a connection with the reader.

We offer language editing, book design, eBooks, conversion services, distribution services, and other related services. Our editorial team is proficient in delivering copyedited files in The Chicago Manual of Style and other popular styles prevalent in the publishing industry.

Reach out to us at BUUKS to come out with a publication that is compelling and that makes an impact on your reader. Pick from a range of plans to suit your requirement, and let’s embark on the journey toward publishing it.


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