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Self-Publishing eBooks & Paperbacks - AI has made self-publishing an eBook or paperback much easier than before. With BUUKS’ help, independent authors can create high-quality books that sell well. How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Writing
How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Writing, Self-Publishing eBooks, Self-Publishing Paperbacks, Self-Publishing eBooks & Paperbacks
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How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Writing

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In the not-so-distant past, the gatekeepers to publishing were large publishing houses. They guarded this right jealously, and self-publishing books was looked upon with disdain. These days, it is often impossible to distinguish high-quality self-published books from those that received traditional backing.

As Forbes notes, self-published writers are now becoming tiny publishing houses of their own by outsourcing the talent they need to make their books a success. Artificial intelligence has only helped to make the whole process easier.

Saving Time Through Automation

One of the primary ways AI impacts writing is through automating many of the processes involved in writing and publishing. From simply asking Google Home what the start date was for the French Revolution to using Amazon’s data analytics to sell to more readers, AI is an indie writer’s best friend.

Improving Marketing Effectiveness

As Amazon has proven, AI is an indispensable marketing tool. Forbes notes that Amazon has also used AI to create a seamless customer experience. Fortunately, Amazon doesn’t keep this technology to itself. In fact, its platform is built off selling other people’s books, including the eBook you’re currently thinking of self-publishing.

Would you like to put together your own tiny publishing house to self-publish your next eBook or paperback? We handle all the editing, design and publishing aspects of your novel so you can focus on the writing. Contact us at Buuks for a free quote today!

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