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Fiction Writing Has Changed in the Past Decade - Over the past ten years, more authors have been using fiction as an engine to create teachable moments, on everything from climate change to women’s rights.
Fiction Writing Has Changed in the Past Decade
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How Has Fiction Writing Changed Over the Past Decade

How Has Fiction Writing Changed Over the Past Decade?

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There have been more changes to the publishing of fiction in the last decade than the writing of it. As the old cliché goes, everything has already been written before. Even so, how authors go about telling fictional stories has certainly changed. Here are a few new developments.

Emerging Genres Based on Climate Change

Science fiction typically involves world-altering and world-ending themes, such as alien invasions and scientific experiments gone wrong. However, a less dramatic but equally effective theme has now worked its way into fiction, whether writers are creating scripts or novels. According to the National Public Radio, even in 2013, climate fiction, shortened as “cli-fi,” was already an emerging literary genre.

Better Inclusivity in Storytelling

There has always been a “systematic whiteness” in the writing industry. It whitewashes people of color and other minorities out of fiction. This is gradually changing. In the two decades preceding 2015, multicultural books accounted for just 10% of books, but then spiked to 20% in 2015. White authors have also been going the extra mile to include characters of color in prominent roles.

Most of the notable changes in writing are cause-related. Many critics view this trend as propaganda pandering to a liberal agenda. For others, it is an educational moment, a feature not commonly expected of fiction.

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