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The main difference between investing in your book and throwing money away is how the end result matches up to your goal of building a loyal fanbase.
How Not To Lose Money When Self-Publishing a Book
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How Not To Lose Money When Self-Publishing a Book

How Not To Lose Money When Self-Publishing a Book

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For most authors, writing is a labor of love. While there are certainly authors who make millions, they are more the exception than the rule. Because of this, many authors are keen on ensuring they don’t lose money when publishing a book. However, it is important to distinguish between investing in your craft and throwing money away.

Publish High-Quality Books

Authors need to write and publish their best work. Because it is so easy to get anything out there, some people do exactly that. These books rarely sell well and soon rack up enough bad reviews to discourage other readers from purchasing. High-quality books are more difficult to distinguish from traditionally published books, helping to break the self-publishing stigma and giving them a fair chance at success.

Sell More Copies

At risk of stating the obvious, the greatest difference between investing money and wasting money is the end result, i.e., how many books you sell. To boost sales, you could hire a book publicist, choose the right social media channels and update your website. It is also important to market your book consistently using tools that work.

BUUKS is committed to helping you create a book that reflects all the hard work you put into it. For more information on how we make it happen, check out our self-publishing services.

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