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How to Be a Productive Author - Are you failing to meet your word-count goals? Learn how to improve your productivity, avoid distractions and meet your daily goals as a writer.
How to Be a Productive Author, Improving Your Productivity
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How to Be a Productive Author

How to Be a Productive Author

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Are you one of those who feel the urge to write a book? Whether you’re already a prolific author or just getting started in the industry, increasing your productivity can be a challenge. Writer’s block, daily distractions and nagging doubts can hold you back from meeting your writing goals. Try these tips for becoming a more productive author today.

Build a Habit

While it makes a striking mental image to think of a writer who only writes when completely inspired by a stroke of brilliance, building a habit of consistent, daily writing is far more common and likely to produce a large amount of work. Whether you work better in the early morning hours or in the quiet evening hours, carve out a consistent chunk of time to write daily.

Write in Short, High-Focus Blocks

Another key to writing productively is to remove distractions and use strategically timed breaks to maximize your focus. Some writers can focus for only 15 minutes, while others write for a solid two hours before taking a short break.

Along with raising your productivity with these tips, you need to put your writing to good use. Contact us at BUUKS to learn how our technology, editing and other services can help you leverage your time and increase your overall productivity.

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