How to Become an Author | How to Becoming a Published Author
How to Become an Author - If you’ve always thought of becoming a published author, now’s the time to get serious about it. How to Becoming a Published Author.
How to Become an Author
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How to Become an Author

How to Become an Author?

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If you’ve always thought of becoming a published author, now’s the time to get serious about it. The rising popularity of self-publishing and eBooks has made it easier than ever for aspiring authors to try their luck. So, if you have an idea for a plot, commit yourself to writing your first book. You will be surprised at how quickly you get it done once you are armed with these helpful suggestions:

1. Hone Your Skills

You may be confident about your skills as a writer. Yet, you need to keep writing and rewriting till your manuscript is perfect. The more you write, the better you will be at articulating your ideas and bringing your story to life. You could also sign up for a course in creative writing or language to help you improve your writing.

2. Test the Waters

Start off by writing short stories or small pieces in the genre that you have picked for your book. Try and get these writings published. If you succeed in seeing them in print, you can take it to mean that you possess the skills that publishers seek.

3. Connect and Network

Gain insights into what it takes to become a writer by connecting with similar-minded people. Connect with other writers and learn all about their journey. Joining an online or local community of authors is one way of doing this.

4. Plan and Organize

Adequate planning can help you move ahead with your writing at a steady pace. Identify the time of day or night that you are at your most productive. Then, set aside precise chunks of time to write. Set realistic targets on how much you aim to accomplish each day. Earmark daily goals and make it a point to meet these targets consistently.

5. Read and Research

Don’t stop reading just because you are on your way to becoming an author yourself. Read all kinds of books and genres because this will help expand your horizon and make your writing more distinctive. Your subconscious will retain the necessary elements of whatever you read and filter out everything that is not required. Turn to the local library or go online to research details for your book, such as the setting or any historic events that you are using.

6. Get in the Zone

For most writers, it is essential that they be in a particular frame of mind when they begin to write. It might be a secluded corner in the house or a natural setting that inspires you to write. Some like to listen to peppy music while they pen their manuscript while others thrive in quiet surroundings. So, find your creative space and focus on the task at hand.

7. Balancing Act

If you have a day job or share family responsibilities, then it is essential that you find the right balance between your two worlds. Prioritize your chores and tasks based on the need of the hour. For instance, if a child needs help with an upcoming examination, that definitely takes priority. However, if colleagues invite you to hangout after work, writing wins. So, weigh the issues and make an appropriate decision each time.

8. Overcome Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is not a myth and you would know this if you’ve had even the slightest prior experience as a writer. As Thomas Mann once said, “A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.” So, don’t be surprised if you encounter writer’s block halfway through. Take a break from writing to do something else you like, such as a brisk jog, and come back refreshed to start again. Or, simply relax with a cup of brew and soothing music to ignite your creative cells.

These are just a few pointers to get you started on your journey to the author’s mantle. Along the way, you’re sure to learn a few things of your own to be shared with prospective authors down the line!

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