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How To Overcome the Challenges of Self-Publishing. Self-Publishing comes with many challenges, including the stigma of low quality. These challenges can be overcome by producing a professional quality book. Buuks Online Publishers
How To Overcome the Challenges of Self-Publishing
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How To Overcome the Challenges of Self-Publishing

How To Overcome the Challenges of Self-Publishing

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When you decide to self-publish a book you believe in, you have both opportunities and challenges. One of the biggest challenges to self-publishing success is the stigma that sometimes comes with this pathway. While this is fading due to the recent successes of strong, high-quality self-published books, it still needs to be addressed. The answer to this challenge is to produce a book of professional quality in all aspects of publishing: cover design, editing, layout and distribution.

Technology Is Your Ally

Advances in technology have had an impact on a high percentage of self-published authors, up to 84 percent of fiction authors according to one study. The new concept of end-to-end publishing can help you meet many of the challenges by offering a comprehensive list of services:

  • Project management
  • Design
  • Editing
  • Distribution

Through smarter use of technology, your book stands a better chance of meeting high professional standards. This makes your book more appealing to consumers.

Placement Is Key

Another challenge is to make sure your book has a way of getting seen by consumers. Finding a way to get noticed on your own is a lot of hard work and it is not always successful. Look for a company that is able to hook you up with a placement strategy, such as extended distribution to e-tailers, to make your book visible.

Contact an Industry Leader

If you are looking for help to overcome the challenges of self-publishing, contact a leader today. The right company will provide you with professional services to make your book stand out from the crowd.

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