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How to Publish Books Online. Now self-publishing eBook online is very simple and easy. BUUKS simplified online ebooks publish. How to Self-publishing
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How to Publish


You’ve worked hard on your manuscript and wondering how to publish? Before you release it to the world, you must ensure that its market-ready and you’re setting it up for success. With deep understanding of the self-publishing domain, and having created 800 million manuscript pages for authors across six continents, the BUUKS team will work with you at every stage, ensuring a well-coordinated self-publishing experience.

  • Define your Book

    Step 1

  • Select your Package

    Step 2

  • Relax

    Step 3

  • Publish and Sell

    Step 4

BUUKS acts as your self-publishing partner who can bring your project to the reading public at the right price and with professionalism.  And what’s more, you have a hassle-free process where you just define your book, choose the most appropriate package, hand over the responsibility to us while retaining full control of the publishing life-cycle-Editing, Book Design ,eBook Creation, and conversion. No book gets its due if it’s not seen by its target audience. We help you sell your book through our distribution services that gets your book seen by potential customers. The hassle-free online publishing with BUUKS is best exemplified in our tagline – Write.Click.Publish.