How to write a book | Simple steps for book writing online
How to write a book - Writing a book can simply be sparked with an idea, which then builds into a passion. How to become a writer, Simple steps for book writing, Book Writing online
How to write a book
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how to write a book

How to Write a Book?

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Writing a book can simply be sparked with an idea, which then builds into a passion.  Writers need the perfect environment and mind-frame to write, so getting started has often been described as the toughest part of book writing. Here are four ways to write a book that will ensure that you remain focused, committed, and dedicated to your goal:

1. Find your ‘writing nook’

It is essential to establish a place where one is calm, peaceful, and relaxed- hence, the perfect workspace is the first prerequisite of writing a book.

2. Focus on your goals and productivity

Next is to create a schedule and keep it at a place where you can read it and get motivated.

3. Let your creative juices flow

Develop a ‘big idea’ for your narrative- this could be anything from a unique conflict, plot, or a memorable character.

4. Get your book published

After completing your manuscript, make sure you edit it thoroughly and also peer-review it.  Evaluate your publishing options so that you can share your work with the world.

What are some simple writing tips to get started?

Becoming a published author can alter your life and impact millions of readers.  However, in the words of a bestselling author, Jerry Jenkins – “It’s far easier to quit than to finish.” Here are some simple writing tips  that can help you complete the job from start to finish, without being overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the task:

1. Find your ‘writing lair’- a comfortable place that can boost both creativity and productivity.

2. Get your e-tools ready and familiarize yourself with platforms like Scrivener that are essential for book writing. Make sure that you have all the essential stationery, too that will make the writing process seamless.

3. Do not attempt to complete the book in one sitting- it isn’t feasible.  Instead, chunk up your book plan into mini parts and do them one by one.

4. Find an idea that is book-worthy and would be an absolute hit.

5. Make sure you have a clear vision of what your book entails- create a brief or detailed outline.

6. Stay focussed and do not allow your attention to get diverted by apps and social media.

7. Research the finer aspects of your novel- ensure historical and other facts are accurate.

8. Believe that you are a writer- you do not need others to validate your potential.

9. Your manuscript should reflect a ‘reader-first’ approach.

10. Try to find your ‘writing voice’- you are the narrator.

11. Create the perfect opening for your book.

12. Make the story interesting- replete with tension and conflict.

13. Do not be a perfectionist while writing the first draft.

14. Trudge through the ‘marathon of the middle’ or the middle part of the book where writers usually give up.

15. Your story ending needs to be applause-worthy and resounding.

16. Be a passionate editor of your manuscript.

17. Engage the assistance of a mentor who has experience in dealing with agents, publishers, etc.

18. Decide on whether you want to self-publish or publish your book in print (traditional).

19. Ensure that your book is perfectly formatted.

How to Write a Book in 2020

With half of the world under the lockdown and lots of time in hand, these pandemic times can be utilized best for accomplishing your writing goals. But, the question is, how should you get started to pen down your ideas and give it the form of a book during these times?  Here is how to write a book in 14 amazingly simple steps:

1. First and foremost, it is important to have a clear intention to write with a schedule in place.   For this, you need to ask yourself when you will write the book, where you will write, and how long you will write every day. Drafting a plan for writing the book will ensure that you feel motivated and follow through.

2. Establish a place that inspires you to write and make sure you dedicate it for this purpose.

3. Gather your writing or typing tools.  While most writers these days prefer to type their work on their computer/laptop- there are others who go old-school and prefer to write their stories and later enlist someone to type it up for them.  Either way- ensure that your writing tools/devices are in order.

4. Deconstruct your book.  Writing a book might seem to be a herculean task, but the anxiety can be minimized if you break down the story and take it one step at a time.

5. Discover your ‘big’ idea.  Remember that your book pivots around a grandiose idea that is unique and becomes the USP.

6. Establish a non-negotiable deadline for yourself.  Always give yourself a sacred deadline- one that you will not back out on.

7. Find a partner who can hold you accountable.  It is important to follow through your intention when you have someone who can hold you accountable if you stray.

8. Write an outline of your novel with a premise on who your main character is, the challenge he or she encounters, and how they achieve their goals.  You can do so in just a single sentence that outlines the main elements of your story and later write a detailed outline after you have thought through your storyline.

9. Share your writing with a few people who you trust will give you unbiased feedback. Their valuable suggestions can help you enhance the quality of your story.

10. Evaluate your competitors’ work.  It is important to know what other authors have written in a similar genre.  This is important as it will inspire you.

11. It is okay to procrastinate sometimes.  At times, you might not be up to it and might put off the scheduled work to another day.  Do not lose your sleep over seldom procrastination- but ensure that it does not become a habit.

12. Build the first chapter of your book.  Very often, the first opening chapter of the book is the most difficult.  So just trust yourself and let the creative juices flow.

13. Build your website.  Since you are currently in the process of book writing, it would be best to invest some time in building your author website and readership before the book finally gets published. It would be exciting to launch your book to fans!

14. Start small by publishing something less than a book.  You can start small by publishing a short story or a blog to test your publishing skills.

And last but not least, never say die. If you are determined to publish a book in 2020, then fully commit yourself to the task and do not stop until you finish. With various self-publishing companies around, publishing a book has become easier, more accessible, and faster, enabling your dream of becoming a writer.

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