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Using a self-publishing service provider is a useful step authors can take to focus on their readers. This option gives books a broader reach more efficiently.
Putting Readers First With Self-Publishing
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How Using a Self-Publishing Platform Can Help You Put Readers First

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Technology has made it easier than ever for people to accomplish things with more independence. Whether they’re planning a trip or looking for a job, getting results is as easy as going online. The same is true if you’re interested in releasing your book and want to take the self-publishing route.

Publish in a Matter of Months

One of the main benefits of self-publishing is that it helps you get your title to readers faster than traditional methods typically allow. For example, some companies can take care of your publishing needs in only a month or two, whereas conventional publishers often require at least a year.

That’s because they’re often dealing with the release of so many titles. According to Book Business, HarperCollins alone releases 10,000 books annually. Self-publishing makes it easier to set expectations of quick releases for your readers and help them become excited about getting engrossed in your work.

Target Your International Readers

The self-publishing model opens possibilities to cater to international audiences as well. Some companies help you set up with accounts at well-known retailers such as Amazon. Moreover, they may let you print copies of your book on demand. That option works well if you’ve recently started promoting your book in a new market and want to gradually scale up.

It should now be evident why self-publishing helps you focus on your valuable readers. For more information about how BUUKS can help you achieve your publishing goals, reach out today.

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