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Keep Control of Your Book: Self-Publish - One of the biggest advantages of self-publishing is retaining full control of your book. Here are the top three reasons keeping control benefits the author.
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Keep Control of Your Book Self Publish

Keep Control of Your Book: Self-Publish

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One of the biggest drawbacks to being traditionally published is the lack of creative and financial control you get over your book. When you self-publish, it’s a bit like being your own boss. You get to make all the decisions, and the profits are solely yours. Here are the top three reasons to keep control of your book and self-publish.

  1. Get a Higher Royalty Rate

Traditional book publishers give you a measly 15-20 percent royalty rate if you’re lucky. Royalty rates from self-publishing platforms range from 50 to 70 percent. You wrote the book, so you should reap the rewards.

  1. Create the Book You Want

There are some topics that traditional publishers don’t want to touch. Sometimes editors have a different vision of your book and want you to make drastic changes. When you self-publish, you retain full creative control and ensure that your book is true to your unique vision.

  1. Set Your Book’s Price

Having the ability to set your book’s price is one of the biggest advantages to self-publishing. You can set lower prices to attract attention and adjust once your book gets traction. You can also experiment with prices to see which price point works best for both you and your readers.

Publish Your Book

If you want to keep total control of your book, consider self-publishing with Buuks. Buuks is a full-fledged self-publishing service provider in India. We have editors and designers who can help you through the entire design process. Get in touch to get your book out in the world.

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