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You can market your self-published book by recognizing how your audience chooses what to read. Keep in mind the habits of your readers as you promote your work.
Reader Habits May Impact Your Book’s Marketing Strategy
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Reader Habits May Impact Your Book’s Marketing Strategy

Reader Habits May Impact Your Book’s Marketing Strategy

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Self-promotion can be a difficult thing to do, especially if you’ve never been one to flaunt your accomplishments. Yet marketing your book can be a positive experience when you put yourself in the shoes of your audience and consider their methods of finding the next great read.

Appeal to Your Intended Audience

The first thing that you should recognize is that you and your targeted reader are likely not the same person. You might be writing for the opposite gender or for an audience that is significantly older or younger than you. Consider these factors when deciding on cover art so you can attract this intended readership.

Be Active on Social Media

You might have no interest in social media, but your readers probably do. Good reads, the popular book community, reached 80 million users last year, showing how much readers love to spread the word when they find something they like.

Many book lovers rely on Twitter or Instagram for reading recommendations, so it may pay off big if you network with popular influencers. You can also advertise book signings, new release dates and reviews through your own account.

Your audience is directly responsible for putting money in your pocket. Improve your book sales by thinking like the reader you had in mind and take advantage of distribution assistance offered by self-publishing services.

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