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Research Publishing is Simpler than You Think - BUUKS offers tailor-made services for publishing scholarly works that includes publishing research papers, thesis, journals and more.
Research Publishing is Simpler than You Think
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Research Publishing is Simpler than You Think

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You spend years researching and writing a thesis, but it is only meant for a limited group of scholars. That is why the concept of research publishing is gaining momentum. It allows authors to convert their thesis in to a book. Thesis publishing is a great way to share your knowledge and perspective with a larger and a different audience. But keep in mind that dissertation and book are very different in the way they treat a subject and are written. So, here are three fundamental tips that can help you get started on converting your thesis in to a published book.

#1 Dissertation squarely focuses on a singular aspect and are a concentration of facts and analysis that support your topic.  Books go beyond your thesis. To present your point-of-view, you need to choose a broader topic, then use and build on your dissertation. Your dissertation helps you create a structured and cohesive narrative, but you need to edit and add to it to widen the scope.

#2 Your audience for a book is entirely different, you are not just targeting academics. Start by identifying the readers you wish to reach. Then decide on the tone, break it down and re-engineer the topic to make your book interesting and understandable for your target audience.

#3 Use a self-publishing platform. It makes the process of research publishing easy and simple. You not only eliminate the inherent issues of publishing mills but also retain complete authority over your work. Moreover, platforms like BUUKS  can distribute it to different eBooks platforms. Plus, provide professional book editing, cover design and formatting assistance, making the process of publishing and distributing seamless.

To know more, talk to us! Or check out BUUKS an easy-to-use platform that is designed to make self-publishing convenient and accessible with publishing-ready formats and professional support. If you’re looking to publish your Book – Self Publish Today

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