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Scaling Your Income as an Author - It’s tough for writers to balance a good income and creative freedom. Find out how to increase your income today without losing out on creative opportunities.
Scaling Your Income as an Author
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Scaling Your Income as an Author

Scale Your Author Income Without Compromising Your Creativity

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Every author wants to create work that is creative, engaging and unique. However, most cannot sacrifice a good income in order to write what they are passionate about. If you’re looking for ways to earn money as a writer but still want to keep a sense of creativity with your work, here are suggestions for scaling up your author income.

Create a Goal

One of the key ways to scale a business, even as an author, is to have a clear target in mind. As artists, writers can be prone to focusing all their dreams and goals on the creative side while taking whatever pay they can get. Be realistic about your financial goals as well and look for ways to meet those goals through your work.

Be Selective

In a perfect world, all of your writing projects would both be well paid and connect with your creative tendencies. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case for starting writers. In the real world, you’ll need to be selective in the types of projects you take on to balance your creative expression and financial reality.

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