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Self-publishing provides you with a lot of opportunity, but it’s also easy to get ahead of yourself. Learn how to sidestep common mistakes with KDP.
Starting Self-Publishing – What Not To Do | BUUKS
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Starting Self-Publishing – What Not To Do | BUUKS

What Not To Do When You Start in Self-Publishing

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What Not To Do When You Start in Self-Publishing

Publishing your own work presents a tremendous opportunity for writers, because it gives you more direct access to your marketplace and a much more streamlined process for releasing your own work. This can be a double-edged sword, though, and you need to know which missteps to avoid if you want to keep yourself from misusing the powerful tools self-publishing offers.

Quality Control Issues

The biggest mistake writers make before they even put their book out into the world is the assumption that they don’t need help in writing. Quality control in any business involves using more than one set of eyes to ensure the product meets professional standards. Writing is no different. Make sure your bypassing of gatekeepers doesn’t involve leaving out editors and other important support professionals.

Marketing Mistakes

Too often, authors learn the basics of how much of the independent publishing industry runs through Amazon without mastering the marketing tools the giant makes available on-site. You need to court reviews and do other things to help yourself grow as a writer, but don’t neglect the internal promotions you can do with Amazon’s tools:

  • Targeted ads
  • Suggested products
  • Performance tracking
  • On-the-fly campaign editing

Get Help From Publishing Professionals

 When you are getting ready to release your first self-published project, Buuks publishing services can give you the extra assistance you need to make sure you are putting out the best book you could. With professional cover design services, your exterior will have the same sharp appeal as your interior. Learn more about self-publishing today.

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