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Successful Authors Business Tips - Authors must be more than writers to be successful. Get resources for the business tasks that take time away from creating art.
Successful Authors Business Tips
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The Business of Being an Author

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Successful authors often make writing look easy, but there’s a lot more that goes into publishing a book, whether you go the traditional or self-publishing route. To make a career out of writing, it takes a focus on the business side of publishing. You can’t simply write the manuscript and hope that it sells.

A Polished, Finished Product

To sell your book or eBook, you need a book cover and design that appeals to your audience. Your manuscript needs to be edited, not just grammatically but to ensure that the message is strong and without continuity mistakes. Authors need other eyes to go through the book. Getting your book sold takes time to get it on the different platforms, such as Kobo and Amazon eBook publishing.

Balancing Business with Art

There’s no end to the business aspect of self-publishing. Pricing your book to sell and dealing with income taxes and royalties take time out of a writer’s day. Every author dreams of publishing, but the work that goes into producing and selling a book is just the start of your career. It takes an ongoing commitment to writing, marketing and publishing to be successful as an author.

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