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Success in self-publishing includes many different factors. Authors can find resources that help them self-publish to keep their projects fresh. The Formula To Succeed in Self-Publishing
Success in Self-Publishing
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The Formula To Succeed in Self-Publishing

The Formula to Succeed in Self-Publishing

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Once you have a completed manuscript, you may be wondering how to publish your book. There are two routes to publishing: a traditional publisher and self-publishing. In today’s market, self-published books can do very well, but you do need to think about the factors that make a successful book:

  • Editing – From copywriting to proofreading, you need editing services that polish your manuscript.
  • Book design – The cover and title of your book have to be appealing to your reader.
  • Distribution – Making your book available to the major commerce platforms, such as iBooks, Kobo and Amazon eBook publishing, will boost sales.
  • Marketing – Reach out to customers by having an appealing book before you sell it.

If you don’t have experience with editing or design, you may spend a lot of time trying to learn while your project stalls out.

Make Your Book Stand Out

It’s estimated that there are over 1,000,000 books published each year. The self-publishing market has increased by about 156% since 2012, largely due to the eBook market. The most successful authors approach publishing as a professional business instead of hobby. Completing a manuscript is just one element of having a published book.

If you need help getting your book finished and published, contact Buuks for services and resources that can help you put your work in the marketplace. If you’re looking to publish your Book – Self Publish Today

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