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Tips to Choose Cover for Your Book - Select the perfect cover design to communicate the tone and message of your book. Find out how you can successfully sift through various designs today.
Tips to Choose Cover for Your Book, Choosing Book Covers, book design inspiration
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Choosing Book Covers

Tips to Choose Cover for Your Book

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Many readers will judge a book by its cover. Even the most captivating book can fail if the cover is vague, uninteresting or out of context. Whether you’re self-publishing your first book or an experienced author, here are some tips for creating the perfect book cover.

Use a Survey

Many authors have used surveys to successfully choose a cover that appeals to their intended audience. Choose a few cover options and send out a survey to a representative audience. A large group of people can assist you with finding the broad appeal of each option and help you narrow down your short list of covers. If none of your selected covers scores well on a survey, it’s time to start from scratch on a new cover design.

Consider a Focal Point

If you haven’t found a few options yet, you need a strong focal point. Use your best headshot, a unique object or a scenic landscape to capture the mood, context and content of your book. You want to either communicate the subject, the tone or both with a well-designed cover.

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