Top 3 book cover design trends for 2020 | 2020 Cover Desgin Trends
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Top 3 Book Cover Design Trends in 2020

Top 3 book cover design trends for 2020-2021

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We all judge a book by its cover sometimes or at least form a first impression. Book cover design has emerged to be a key marketing tool given how the publishing industry is shifting and becoming more aggressive. An excellent book cover design – that is both visually attractive and communicates with the reader about its content is a challenging project to handle. That is why authors should focus on the cover design early on in the publishing cycle instead of keeping it for the last moment. Your book cover needs to have creative and eye-catching graphics that can draw readers in, pique their interest and compel them to flip open the book. Here are top three cover design trends that you should consider when you/designer get to the board.

1. Matching the tone of the cover with the book

Do not mislead your readers by designing a book cover that is disconnected from its content. Readers may end up distrusting the author and lose interest in reading the book all together. It is crucial to be able to interpret the tone of the book and then come up with a design that echoes the same mood and tone of the book.

2. Focusing on creating a minimalistic design

‘Less is more’ concept has made its way in to the book cover design space as well. Minimalistic, simple and straight forward designs are gaining a lot of popularity. It cuts the noise and helps the reader immediately focus on the title. One of the great examples of minimalistic cover design is of the bestseller ‘Educated’, it is clean, uncluttered, visually attractive and also relevant.

3. Experimenting with retro typographies and fonts

We saw a lot of designers using late 20th century psychedelic images, fonts and bold typography last year and the trend is going to continue. Use of retro designs not just stir up nostalgia but also make the book stand out.

While these trends are hot, we will also see designers pushing the boundaries to grab readers’ attention. Therefore, it becomes critical for indie authors to engage professionals for designing their book covers. Connect with us to find out more on how to go about getting your book cover designed by skilled graphic designers. If you’re looking to publish your Book – Self Publish Today

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