Top 3 book marketing trends 2020-2021 | Self Publishing Marketing Trends
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Book marketing trends 2020

Top 3 book marketing trends 2020-2021

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Ten years ago, no one could have imagined the way technology has redefined the publishing industry. And as 2020-2021 marks the beginning of a new decade, let’s get a sense of the landscape so that you can market your book better. With authors coming to grips with the overwhelming influence of technology and self-publishing opportunities, it is important to know key book marketing trends that can help break things your way in the future.

Planning book promotions

Book marketing is an ongoing effort. You have to keep the conversation open throughout its development. To create visibility, you need to continuously market your book. The idea is not to have fancy or lofty strategies, but simply keep your audience engaged through various channels – social media, blog, reader contest, et al. It is important to keep in mind that books do not gain traction organically, which means ‘you snooze, you lose’.

Creating an eBook version

Even if you are a traditionalist and also feel that your readers prefer print books, do not pass up on the opportunity to create an eBook. With Amazon offering a plethora of marketing features and ways to promote, it is only logical that you get into this space. Besides, eBooks are way easier to promote – you can share the link, create awareness for the brand and the book as well as optimize it for search engines.

Designing a cover to wow your audience

In our previous post, we talked about book cover trends at length. As readers increasingly search and buy books online, remember it is your book cover, that appears as a tiny thumbnail, makes a major impact. Book covers are what make the first impression, ensure you engage a professional designer who can help create a cover that converts.

The global publishing market is expected to grow rapidly and so are new services to accommodate those demands. Do not miss out, keep pace with emerging trends. At BUUKS we can help you gain insights into marketing and support you at every step of the publishing cycle to ensure you achieve success. Connect with us, today! If you’re looking to publish your Book – Self Publish Today

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