What are the process involved in self-publishing a Book?
What are the process involved in self-publishing - With self-publishing, you have the flexibility of independently publishing your work on various online platforms or choosing to work with a professional self-publishing company with print and online versions.
What are the process involved in self-publishing
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The Self-Publishing Process

What are the process involved in self-publishing?

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If you have always desired to be a published author, then now is your chance to fulfil your dream. Self-publishing is booming, and there’s no time like the present to get your feet wet. With self-publishing, you have the flexibility of independently publishing your work on various online platforms or choosing to work with a professional self-publishing company with print and online versions.

Some advantages of self-publishing are full control over the publishing process, more earnings on each book you sell, and much lesser wait times in seeing your book published. If you’re considering going down the self-publishing route, it is essential that you are fully aware of what you’re signing up for. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the entire self-publishing process.

Get Your Manuscript Ready

Writing a book is the first step in the publishing process. If you have your manuscript ready, then you’re definitely off to a good start. If you’re still in the writing stage, then it’s time to get serious and focus on completing the book with realistic daily targets.

Put Together a Team

Self-publishing may seem easy, but like any other task, a team can get the work done quicker than just a single person. You could choose to sign up with a professional self-publishing company with an experienced team at hand to guide you through the entire process. Or you could set up a team of freelancers, well-wishers, and family members to help you with the process. 

Convert the Manuscript to the Right Format

When it comes to eBooks and self-publishing platforms, each platform will accept books submitted in a particular format only. For instance, MOBI files are the preferred choice for Amazon KDP, while EPUB files are common with most other eBooks. You could make use of a conversion software to do this on your own, or pay someone to do it for you.

Book Design and Formatting

Copyedit your manuscript to ensure that it is error-free, and come up with an appropriate cover design. Professional self-publishing companies can do this for you with their need-based services, or you could just opt for one of the publishing packages they offer. Creating an ISBN, typesetting the book, and proofreading the final draft are all part of this production process.

Extensive Distribution

Once your book is published, it needs to be distributed through the right channels to ensure maximum circulation. Depending on the target audience of your book, you might want to consider making it available at libraries and schools and on e-commerce websites. In self-publishing, you get to choose the number of copies you desire to print for distribution. Online platforms, such as Amazon KDP, also offer the print-on-demand option. This way you can control the financial costs of publication based on demand and prevent wastage of resources.

Effective Marketing

This is something that you can actually start well before your manuscript is ready for publication. Build yourself an author platform with things like an author website and social media. Do some research on the media channels that most appeal to your target demographic, and work on reaching out to your target audience through them. Look into the possibility of sending out advanced reader copies (ARCs) to generate interest in your book well before it’s due for release. Participating in author events can also help you in gaining more readers. The idea here is to get everyone abuzz with curiosity about your book well in advance of the launch. This way people will be waiting to grab a copy off the shelf as soon as the book is launched!

Self-publishing platforms such as Kobo and Amazon KDP have ensured that books can now be published in a matter of hours if that’s what you desire! You could also choose to go about it more professionally by signing up with a self-publishing company. By doing this, you can save on time and effort even as your book gets a professional finish from industry experts.

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