What Are the Steps Involved in Self-Publishing a Book
What Are the Steps Involved in Self-Publishing a Book - Get to know more about book publishing process with our step-by-step self-publishing guide.
What Are the Steps Involved in Self-Publishing a Book
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What Are the Steps Involved in Self-Publishing a Book

What Are the Steps Involved in Self-Publishing a Book?

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Are you an aspiring or experienced author desirous of choosing the self-publishing route for your books? If yes, then this article is for you; it is a step-by-step guide for all your self-publishing needs and will thus help you navigate your way in this regard.

Why self-publishing?

Before decoding the steps involved in self-publishing, you need to understand what exactly self-publishing is and why you should prefer assisted self-publishing over any other publishing form. Self-publishing means getting your work published on different online platforms independently or both online and in print through a commercial self-publishing company; it is a very involved endeavor. Apart from being assisted at every step of the process with constant support from self-publishing service providers, you reap a host of other benefits: greater creative control over the publishing process, faster turnarounds, lesser chances of work rejection, and much lesser stress throughout the engagement.

Hugh Howey, Mark Coker, Ashwin Sanghi, John Grisham, and Margaret Atwood (a winner of the prestigious Booker Prize in 2000 and 2019) are some famous authors who have opted to self-publish their books. With the emergence of self-publishing platforms like Amazon KDP, one can self-publish a book even without external support. Yet it is always advisable to seek expert guidance from a professional self-publishing company. This is recommended to

  • get an error-free and properly formatted and typeset book (in contrast to the books published through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform that are mostly improperly formatted or full of errors);
  • ensure that the book gets a good cover design, proper marketing and distribution, and the opportunity for e-book conversion;
  • earn a higher monthly royalty for your book(s);
  • expedite the publication process;
  • reach an international audience; and
  • retain complete copyright of your book

What is the step-by-step procedure to self-publish?

A. Assigning a publishing expert/specialist: First things first. You need to hire a professional self-publishing company once you are done writing your book. To do this, search for a company with a minimum experience of one year in the field—one that enjoys a good reputation and provides end-to-end self-publishing services. The publishing company should be willing to partner with you through the entire publishing life cycle to give you a well-coordinated and hassle-free self-publishing experience.

 B. Manuscript conversion: The next step in this process is to convert your handwritten or typed manuscript into print-on-demand formats or through desktop publishing.

C. Copy editing: This step precedes formatting and cover design and ensures that the manuscript is error-free and well structured. It aids in enhancing the readability of your book and strives to make reading your book a pleasure for your audience. The copy editing teams of publishing companies carry out the following professional checks in polishing your manuscript for publication:

  • Textual errors (grammar, punctuation, spelling, word choice, etc.)
  • Inconsistencies (structure, indentation, font type/style, etc.)
  • Verbose or repetitive text

D. Formatting and book cover design: This step is imperative to appeal to your target audience and grab their attention. The book’s striking outer cover and interior design are judged as a preface to good-quality content and thus deserve the same attention as the content. Likewise, meticulous formatting, done by experienced professionals, can go a long way in producing an aesthetically designed book that leaves a lasting impression on your readers.

E. ISBN creation: This is a crucial step in providing a unique identity to your book, for which the assistance of a self-publishing company is most recommended. Apart from safeguarding your book from copyright issues, ISBN creation aids in acquiring an international identity for the book and a large international platform for selling it.

F. Conversion of your book into an e-book: The rising popularity of e-books has made publishing an e-book a dream project for nearly everybody today. As per a report from Statista, e-book readership has increased by 30 percent in the past five years. As per various reports, the recent pandemic has also contributed to the rise of readers’ inclination toward e-books due to safety and distribution-related issues. Self-publishing companies can help you create professional e-books or provide scanning solutions to convert your physical books into well-formatted e-books and then get them published on various digital platforms like IngramSpark, Amazon KDP, and so on.

G. Distribution: Once the above steps are executed, then it’s time to make your book accessible to your target audience. Taking the assistance of self-publication companies can help you utilize their distribution networks and channels to distribute and sell your book at

  • retail shops (book stores, libraries, etc.)
  • e-commerce sites (Amazon, Flipkart, BUUKS, etc.)
  • e-book platforms (Amazon KDP, Kobo)

H. Marketing: Last, but not least, your book’s advertising and promotion will play a significant role in deciding your book’s ultimate fate. Unlike other domains, book marketing is a highly specific area that needs expert knowledge and years of experience to deliver the best results. And that’s why you should seek the help of specialized self-publishing companies for this rather than opt for a freelance digital marketer. This may cost you comparatively more, but the results will be telling if you choose cheaper services over specialized ones. Marketing your book can help create an awareness about your book, publicize it, and increase its desirability among sellers and readers even before it is launched! Self-publishing companies offer innovative plans and publicity services to strategically position the book in the market for your target audience, which can go quite a way in establishing you as a reputable and well-recognized author in the industry.

BUUKS is one such company and is the world’s trusted self-publishing partner. It is an online self-publishing platform with over a decade of experience in providing end-to-end services to international authors through its vibrant team of professionals. Listed in reputed platforms like Amazon and Goodreads, BUUKS is a one-stop solution for all your self-publishing needs. Download free Self-publishing pdf

To know more about our self-publishing services, write to us at hello@www.buuks.com or visit www.buuks.com. To talk directly to our senior self-publishing specialist, call us at 044 4992 1727.

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