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Ongoing Growth Is Crucial for Today's Authors - Growth helps modern authors remain relevant. Building a successful career as an independent writer involves assessing individual books and overall career goals.
Ongoing Growth Is Crucial for Today's Authors
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Why Continual Growth Is Essential for Today’s Independent Authors

Why Continual Growth Is Essential for Today’s Independent Authors

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Publishing a book as an independent author is certainly a milestone. Sometimes, though, hard-working authors fall into the trap of believing that making the work available to the public is the last step in the process. Instead of adopting that stance, think of your books and your writing career overall as two things that require perpetual growth.

You Can Grow a Book After Publishing

Publishing a book doesn’t necessarily mean you’re over and done with putting work into it. For example, maybe you initially only made your book available via physical copies but want to branch out by offering e-books. You may also decide to release the book on a major e-commerce platform, such as Amazon, a brand accounting for $524 billion of e-commerce sales in total. It’s easy to draw attention to both those developments by promoting them on social media accounts associated with your brand as a writer.

Personal Growth Requires a Willingness To Accept Help

As you assess how to effectively grow your writing business, you’ll likely realize there are some things you can’t do alone. Recognizing these areas is an effective way to help your indie author business remain active and relevant. Companies exist that can provide support with tasks like copy editing or designing your book cover. Seeking outside assistance can help your books appear more professional and give you more time to focus on the aspects you are best at.

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