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If you’re interested in self-publishing, print books is not the only way to go. Here’s why eBooks and print books are equally important and equally popular.
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Why eBooks and Print Books Are Equally Important

Why eBooks and Print Books Are Equally Important?

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When you daydreamed as a child about becoming an author, you probably imagined holding a printed book in your hands. While print books are still popular and won’t go away anytime soon, eBooks are proving their prowess by rising in popularity year after year. In fact, according to one survey, the majority of readers equally prefer eBooks to print books. Here’s why you should consider publishing eBooks.


Nothing takes the place of a tangible book when you want to curl up and immerse yourself in a story. However, not everyone has time to do this. Many readers have no choice but to snatch their adventures in short bursts. eBooks are incredibly convenient for those who want to read on-the-go. So, if you’re working toward a printed book (or if you’ve already published one), consider creating an eBook version as well to appeal to a wider audience.


It’s not practical to carry dozens of printed books around with you wherever you go, but anyone with a smart phone or tablet has access to hundreds or even thousands of books at a time. This portability makes the eBook very appealing for tech-savvy readers.


If you’re looking for affordable and quick ways to get your book on the market, you can’t beat the eBook route. Getting your book published becomes even easier when you recruit the assistance of an experienced publishing company like BUUKS. Contact us to learn how we can help you reach your publishing goals.

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