Why Now is the Best Time for Authors to Publish an eBook
Why Now is the Best Time for Authors to Publish an eBook - Most people might agree that these unprecedented pandemic times have sparked a digital revolution in the way people are consuming eBooks.
Why Now is the Best Time for Authors to Publish an eBook
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Why Now is the Best Time for Authors to Publish an eBook

Why ‘Now’ is the Best Time for Authors to Publish an eBook

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Most people might agree that these unprecedented pandemic times have sparked a digital revolution in the way people are consuming eBooks. Although the abrupt closure of publication houses and physical book stores dampen the spirits of bibliophiles and authors alike, who were unsure of how books would be published and new literature made available, the advent of eBooks has helped tide over this huge gap to a certain extent.

Currently, eBooks are being downloaded and consumed at rates like never before, with readers gravitating more towards the digital medium since physical books are not readily available. Besides, eBooks are cheaper and lighter on the pocket for those who are voracious readers.

These unprecedented times have brought about a creative metamorphosis in the book publishing industry through innovation, be it the willingness for authors to publish their work through eBooks or creative collaboration for virtual book launches/exhibitions. All in all, it is indeed the best time for authors to publish an eBook and successfully sell them too- reaching out to readers who have turned a new ‘leaf’ from dog-earing pages to digitally bookmarking them!

Authors Undeterred: Willing to Publish eBooks

While some readers have reluctantly learned to embrace technology and understand that this is the way forward during Corona and Post-Corona times, publishers have played a considerable role in helping that transition. Many major publishing houses have established exclusive eBook stores on Amazon India and partnered with Kindle. Some publishers have released digital-only formats of new book titles, suggesting that physical copies would be made available post-lockdown.

All this ratifies the fact that no matter how dire the circumstances, reading and writing books can never stop. Both authors and publishers welcome the ‘new normal’ in book consumption as it has opened new doors for tapping a market of global bibliophiles.

Don’t Put Off Your Publishing Plans- Innovate and Build Your Brand Through an eBook

This is the best time for authors to build their brand. Although production, printing, and physical sales and marketing of books might have been halted, editorial activities continue steadily with book promotions and marketing, assuming a new online avatar with ‘digital delivery’ becoming the new mantra. Hence, both new and seasoned authors should not postpone their publishing plans but should and become a part of the innovation.

Readers are eagerly awaiting new titles, and this can be witnessed with the surge in eBook consumption as people are turning to books for comfort and escapism in these tough times. Hence, this is the perfect time to garner an audience for your eBook and become successful in your journey as a writer.

Publishing eBooks: An Answer to the Current Situation 

The current scenario has resulted in numerous disruptions across businesses and supply chains. However, it has also brought out the bibliophile in people, as they are increasingly turning to books for comfort. Ebooks are the best solution to the current situation and have helped us to appreciate them differently. According to a report published by deccanherald.com, “various trends suggest a 10% increase in year-on-year sales in the eBook category during the lockdown.” Although eBook/audiobook consumption in India has been virtually untapped with physical books ruling the roost, we cannot deny that we will see a prevalence of a mixed medium of book consumption in the post-COVID world. We are currently witnessing a positive shift in eBook demand, and the conversation around digital/audiobooks will persist, along with a demand for printed books.

In support of digital book publication, the results of a recent poll by BUUKS on What are your writing and book publishing plans during this lockdown,” show that about 39% of the respondents are planning to write during this time as they are getting more to write and are showing a willingness to publish their eBooks during this time rather than postponing it till post COVID era.

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We are glad to share that, along with rendering to eBook publishing services efficiently, BUUKS has also resumed its distribution services of print books on Amazon.in and Flipkart.

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