Writers Need to Reinvent to Nurture Creativity
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Writers Need to Reinvent to Nurture Creativity

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No doubt that self-publishing has reinvented the book publishing sector, knocking the entry barriers down and leveling the playing field for writers. But on the same note, it also means it is even more competitive than ever before and breaking into this field is not easy.

Change is the only constant. There is a growing realization amongst companies, entrepreneurs, employees and artists alike, that to stay relevant and succeed, reinvention is necessary.  And it holds equally true if you are a writer or aspiring to be one. Sure, you are passionate about writing, but so are plenty of other writers. The only way to ensure success and add value to your career as an author is to keep investing in yourself and evolving.

Wondering how to get started? Here are 3 useful tips that can help nurture your creative prowess and grow as a writer.

  • Set a goal for reading books and follow it – do not restrict yourself to reading a particular genre, read for fun, knowledge, and inspiration.
  • Start journaling or writing blogs on a regular basis. And join a community of writers. You would be surprised how much you can learn when you share your writing and express yourself in a space like writer’s collectives.
  • Look for and connect with mentor/s and get regular feedback for your work from experienced authors. You can also share your review of a book with that other critics to compare, identify differences, and understand a variety of critical perspectives.

For a writer, it is an uphill journey and the only way you can equip yourself, besides your inherent love for writing, is by advancing your creativity, knowledge, and imagination.

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